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Why Your Water Bill is So High

8/24/2022 (Permalink)

How much water does your home use? Every month you might take a look at your water bill and think, "We went through THAT much water?" From the sink, to the dishwasher, toilet, washing machine, drinking water, and gardening hose, you might be shocked at how much water you go through. After a while, your water bill will begin to set into a pattern, and you will know your usual consumption. However, if one month it is an oddly high bill, these could be the causes. 

The biggest concern with a high water bill is that there is an unknown leak in your house. Toilets are the first place that should be checked. Toilets are in a continuous state of flushing and can go through almost 200 gallons of water a day! If you hear a toilet running, this is an obvious sign, but by looking into the tank you can often find the source of the problem. Once you have inspected all of the toilets, look at sinks or faucets for leaks to see if they have loose handles, pipes, or cracks that could be dripping water out. Next, check appliances that use water such as refrigerators, freezers, and hot water heaters. The connectors may be loose or have worn down over time and this may be the source of the leak. If you do not find a leak at any of these spots, then maybe there is no leak and it could be one of the other causes for a high water bill. 

You may have forgotten about large sources of water use. Water use is not fixed and fluctuates throughout the year. During the summer, you could be using a garden sprinkler or filling up a pool or have more people staying with you, such as kids home for summer break. During the winter, you may have family staying for the holidays or if your heating system is powered through the use of hot water. As the seasons change, so does the use of our water. Make sure to account for this when you look at your bill. 

If neither of these seem to be the cause of your high water bill, then it might be time to look at the way you are measuring your consumption. Water meters are used to measure the amount of water you use each year. While there are ways to read this on your property, it is usually done remotely by the water authority. You can request to have your meter checked for accuracy to confirm your previous bill. While uncommon, it is always smart to confirm your bill is accurate. 

If you are still not sure the cause of your high water bill, you may have an underground leak. This can be a costly problem to solve and will likely require either bringing in an expert or purchasing detection equipment. There will often be an underground hissing sound that will give away the leak. If you have checked all of the above possibilities for finding the cause of your high water bill. It may be worth considering an underground leak. If you believe this is the case, you should contact a professional inspector to look for the cause and confirm if this is true. 

Monitoring your monthly water bill is the best way to make sure you don't have further problems in the future due to water damage. A tiny leak, if left unchecked, can cause thousands of dollars in water damage, sewage, and mold, and you will be left on the hook for the water bill as well. Make sure to monitor your monthly water bill closely and watch for any unknown peaks. 

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