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Fighting Storm Damage with SERVPRO

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

Blog post picture Storm clouds gather above a residential neighborhood.

A serious storm can wreak havoc in a home.

If you’re facing storm damage in your home, it can feel overwhelming. You may not know where to begin or who to call for help. But with the right tools and knowledge, you can deal with even the worst storm damage on your own.

You don’t have to be a master of disaster response—you just need some basic tools and a few tips from the experts at SERVPRO of Bismarck. We're "here to help"!

The first thing you should do is stop any further water damage by turning off electrical power and gas supplies if possible and removing anything that's been damaged or soaked like rugs and carpets. Once that's done, dry out wet areas using fans or dehumidifiers as needed so mold doesn't start growing on wet debris. 

Storm Damage Clean-up and Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Bismarck is a leader in the restoration industry. Our network of franchise professionals are trained to make your home feel like new again. We provide 24/7 emergency services and have over 1,700 franchises nationwide. SERVPRO has been in business for over 30 years, so you can be sure that we are qualified to restore your home or business back to preloss condition. When disaster strikes, you need fast action from a company with experience – that's what you'll get when you call us!

SERVPRO of Bismarck provides a wide range of restoration services, including water damage clean up, fire or smoke damage repair, mold remediation and reconstruction following a storm or other weather event (floods).

Heavy Rainfall

You may not be thinking about it, but water damage can cause mold, wood rot, electrical damage and structural problems. It can also lead to fires and health issues. Water damage can cost you money in many ways—not only the cost of repairing the water damaged areas but also when you deduct from your insurance claim what you spend on temporary housing while your home or business is being repaired.

Storm damage can cause sewer backup and foundation problems.

Storm damage is a serious matter. It can cause flooding, sewer backup and foundation problems. Water can come in through the roof, walls and windows. This can cause damage to the electrical system, plumbing system, HVAC system and drywall.

Ice Storm

During an ice storm, you can expect:

  • Roof shingles blown off by high winds or heavy weight from accumulations of snow or ice.

  • Gutters clogged with frozen snow blocking water flow and causing leaks inside the home when melting begins. Snow also collects in gutters after falling off roofs due to high winds, which can lead to leaks inside your house during thawing periods later in springtime months ahead; this is especially dangerous if you live at higher elevations where temperatures fluctuate drastically between nightfall hours (when temperatures cool) versus daytime hours (when temperatures rise again). Due to these fluctuations in temperature levels throughout different seasons throughout any given year cycle (springtime through summer), it's important for homeowners living at higher altitudes like mountain suburbs where trees tend grow tall enough into skyward reaches so as not block sunlight during colder months - because these types of locations typically require more maintenance work throughout seasons due to changing weather patterns! That being said...

Blizzards and Snowfall

When a blizzard or snowfall hits your area, you'll want to be prepared. While most people think of the damage that these events can cause to their homes and cars, they actually also cause some more hidden threats.

  • Roof Damage: A heavy amount of snow can put a lot of pressure on your roof. This can cause it to buckle or collapse under the weight. If this happens while you're sleeping, it could trap you inside and even cause death if there's no way out!

  • Water Damage: Snowmelts into water when it melts off in warmer weather. The rainwater pools up in gutters, which overflow onto decks and patios below them (if there aren't drainage systems). This can lead not only to slippery surfaces but also mold growth if left untreated long enough for mold spores from outdoors finding their way indoors via indoor air circulation systems such as furnaces or ventilation fans blowing air from outside into living spaces where people spend most time throughout day/night cycle each day year round (more so during winter months).

After storm damage, you need the professionals at SERVPRO of Bismarck to help you get your life back together.

If you need storm damage cleanup in the middle of the night, we’re here for you. We have expert technicians who can come to your home and begin the process of restoring it to normal. We also have 24/7 emergency service available so that we can respond quickly to any type of storm damage that is happening in your area.

We understand how much time and effort is involved in cleaning up after a disaster like this one, and we look forward to helping you get back on track as soon as possible! Our goal is always to help our clients get their lives back together again by restoring their homes as quickly as possible.

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