Recent Before & After Photos

Smoke in the Kitchen

Kitchen fires can be dangerous and deadly. Luckily this home fire just left some smoke damage to clean up. Our technicians did a great job of getting this home ... READ MORE

Hard to Reach

When dealing with water damage and mold, it can oftentimes be difficult to get to the problem. Water can seep through the flooring and into the crawl spaces bel... READ MORE

Get the Job Done Right

When we take on a job, we make sure that you are left with a remarkable difference. Getting a job done right means using the best products, training the best pe... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Laundry Room

Water damage is never desirable, especially in a laundry room that contains all of the linens, towels, and other materials that a hotel needs to operate. It is ... READ MORE

When Water Gets In, We'll Clean It Up

When water gets into your home, whether it is from a broken pipe, leaky roof, or bad storm, we will be there to clean it up. Here we had to remove the walling a... READ MORE

The Water You Don't See

When looking for water damage, the worst problems are the ones you don't see. Unseen water can soak through walls, seep through carpet and pool on sub floors, c... READ MORE

Complete Kitchen Transformation!

When this home suffered devastating fire damage, we were able to rebuild it top to bottom. Including a complete remodel of this kitchen, with all new appliances... READ MORE

Hard to Believe!

It is hard to believe this before and after! We cleaned up this basement, gave it new flooring, fresh paint and got the water heater out from the middle of the ... READ MORE